Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★½


A rush to the head, and one which continues to grow in stature even when copy-cats (including one from Linklater himself) try to steal its irreplaceable feisty aura. First act is all movement - a flurry of bullies after their prey, cars in motion, baseball games viewed via a blinding nostalgic lens - before settling into hang-out mode; like a series of conversations in which the camera wanders in and out of groups and bits of gossip aimlessly. Linklater's ultimate achievement as a director is making the mundane seem mystical - even pool-halls are evoked as lively centers of glances, interactions, and dizzying sound colliding against waxed interiors - and dreamy to the point where the sheer activity within the images are enough to dazzle the senses, and yet he *still* throws in a All-Timer soundtrack. Linklater wants me to die from a contact high with his movies, I'm sure of it.

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