Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

Undoubtedly Tarantino all the way through, Django Unchained is both his finest work since the Kill Bill epic and arguably his most entertaining work. Despite its overlong nature, which I've come to expect with Tarantino at this point, the film is a dazzling vision. The dialogue steams and flows off the tongue, bringing pages and pages and pages of conversation to life with conviction and unabashed pizzazz. Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, and Leonardo DiCaprio bring their all to each of their roles, and each character discovered is more memorable than the last.

Robert Richardson's cinematography is just beautiful. No way around that. The mountains, plantations, wide landscapes, and the muddy towns all look astounding. It's gorgeous work. The costume design and the production design finish the job, bringing authenticity and flair to a disgusting time in history. The film is classy, but it knows when to let rip with its violence. And man oh man oh man, does it let rip! The blood flies everywhere, splattering in every corner with a magnificent operatic flavor to it. The shootouts are visceral and tremendously exciting, and the cartoonish amount of blood only adds to the off-kilter beauty of it all.

Personally, the film still drags on near the end, even though the final moments are worth the wait. While it is satisfying, the film's focus of blending flair with horrific history seems to be scattered aside in the final 15 minutes or so. The story culminates well though, and in a way that'll give any film-fan chills all over their body. The rest of Django Unchained is audacious and brilliant. I miss Quentin at his most postmodern and jazzy, but this kind of stuff is pretty good too. It's so much fucking fun, It's hilarious, It's emotional, it's gleefully violent, and It's classy.

Ah fuck it, five stars. It's too much fun to have anything less.

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