Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★½


"Who's that stumblin' around in the dark? State your business or prepare to get winged!"

A beginning shrouded in the iciness of the woods. America is at a point where even a tumbling wagon with a waggling tooth on top can signal the forthcoming force of death. Slave-owners, fugitives, and other scumbags of varying maliciousness don't just explode when shot. In fact, they practically expand across the walls in an uproarious fury, sending blood and guts to splatter against every cowering surface in the surrounding environment. Even greater is the main deliverer of this vengeance, as Django's journey is comprised of a delirious sense of Exploitation experience. He begins as a slave and ends as a wise-cracking, mythical Superhero, wandering off with his girl and a horse while the remains of the Old South simmer down to ashes.

Fuck yeah Tarantino. Thank you for this.

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