Dune ★★★★


What's most remarkable about Denis Villeneuve's Dune, at least on first pass, is the scale. Gargantuan aircraft and structures often create an ant-like perspective of the world we're so effortlessly immersed in. The cast of characters introduced are almost consistently against the trials and specificities of nature, even as they attempt to exploit and overpower it. Denis Villeneuve and DP Greig Fraser make sure to develop the universe, in terms of both design and geopolitics, as if we're never seeing the full picture. A new discovery is always beyond the horizon. Also undeniable is Dune's production, score (when Hans Zimmer is on, he's *on*), and tangibility of images. Each scene, you're basically experiencing a fully-formed visual idea. As if it has always existed. Peering into another world. Frank Herbert's writing deserves a loving representation of such a vision, and it's great to see. In terms of everything else, it's hard to judge beyond that, really. This is pure set-up. A few of the characters are perfunctory and quite a bit is glanced over. Villeneuve is making pop cinema, not necessarily a 1:1 adaptation, and I don't mind that if it's in service to such a monumental cinematic experience. And trust me, see this fucker on the biggest, loudest screen you can find. You won't regret it.

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