Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★★


Even in a film where hands have a mind of their own and lamps laugh manically along with our Hero, it's the stillness that truly defines the deranged mastery of Evil Dead II. Always laced with a overflowing undercurrent of pitch-black humor and joyfully dancing through set-piece moments, Sam Raimi's masterpiece never forgets to settle down and observe the silence between the sustained flourishes of exuberant chaos.

Reflection is the name of the game, and its mirror visualizations begin with an odd recap of the first installment and continue until the final image of destiny being awoken through the fabrics of space and time. Sam Raimi takes the entire form of his original film and flips it until everything is upside down and spewing some kind of substance. It's a glorious subversion of the horror genre and its typical usage of tension. Most horror uses silence as a way to build suspense, but Sam Raimi uses that absence of demonic noise as a time for the audience to catch their breath.

However, when Hell breaks loose, it unleashes in the most spirited and irrepressible way, and the energy found within these stretches of Evil Dead II is unequivocally pure. Camera movements and acting mannerisms are pushed to their limit, special effects and makeup ooze a 50s Adventure vibe, and the entire tapestry of its unhinged sequences seem to fall apart before your very eyes.

In essence, Evil Dead II reaches a level of euphoric filmmaking that very few movies have ever achieved, mainly because it spits in the face of limitation and delves straight into the delightful mechanics of sheer creativity and its endless possibilities. Groovy.

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