Funeral Parade of Roses

Funeral Parade of Roses ★★★★


Remarkable, not just in its totality but how the process of its making is visualized and offered to us as an expression of itself. It's so happy to exist. Every moment is structured to enrich what we see and provide side streets and bright flashes of context to the scrambling of genre and perspective. What is experienced with Funeral Parade of Roses is an riotous, thrilling experiment unlike any other, always trying new visual concepts and pulling it off with aplomb, the act of discovering ourselves, finding liberation away from conventional gender roles, seeking what's right and real and true. The energy and free-flowing refusal of standardized form goes hand in hand with acceptance and curiosity of the subject matter. Not without its issues, but for the time, the underground queer community depicted here is portrayed well. Found myself at a loss for words for the depth and ingenuity on display.