Ghostbusters ★★★★


Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth. Ghostbusters: Answer the Call has one hell of a cast up its sleeve, and this reboot/nostalgia hybrid succeeds because of the joke-after-joke-after-joke chemistry molded through Paul Feig's streak of modern, witty comedies. He has a knack for taking a room full of varied characters and supplying humor in sharp, frequent bursts. It's a film of improvisation, goofy personalities, spooky thrills, and a gigantic save the city climax. Robert Yeoman's cinematography in particular is brightly fluid and colorful, capturing the otherworldly beauty of portals, silly ghostbusting contraptions, and the various haunted locals with a degree of grace and style. It feels - and looks - like a fun horror comedy, with only a weak villain and some cringe-worthy elements (selfie-sticks confuse me and Fall Out Boy is somehow still around) bringing it down.

If it sounds like I'm describing a modern Ghostbusters update with a candy-colored sheen and a different cast, it's because I am. It has a lot of the same issues and charms as the original film. I won't be changing your mind on this movie, but I thought it was a charming summer pleasure. Kate McKinnon should be in every movie from now on. Go see it.

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