Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ★★★★½

*Was a 65, now an 85*

I wouldn't say Halloween 4 is aging like a fine wine, necessarily, but I find myself with every re-watch falling deeper into its autumnal setting and its quiet focus on action. There is not an ounce of fat on this cheap, violent tone-poem, which carries the viewer through the Halloween season like a quaint pile of leaves, scraping against the sidewalks lit by jack-o-lanterns and populated by costumes and a slowly-setting sun. To start off, The Return of Michael Myers has one of my very favorite opening credit sequences, and it's one that works simply as atmospheric prep - a delicate mix of still images that evoke the Fall season and the loss of innocence; history buried and once again rising within Haddonfield. That the film soon becomes lost in darkness, and often suffocated by it, only heightens the despair of its story - the past never ceasing to show its face once more, and pass on a broken, haunted legacy. Yeah, the mask is funky, and it rarely rises to the mimicking form of something like Rosenthal's Halloween II, but I'm probably going to add Halloween 4 to my October 31st programming, if for no other reason than how it inexplicably captures the fading twilight of All Hallow's Eve, and beckons the chill of winter, the grasp of adulthood, and the specter of death. Plus, Michael Myers impales a teen with a shotgun!

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