Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers ★★★★


Producer's Cut

Look, no one is stopping you from calling The Curse of Michael Myers nonsensical or ludicrous, even by Slasher standards, but - especially in the famed HD master of the Producer's Cut (which to me is still one of the great joys of video distribution this decade) - you can't deny this sixth entry in the Halloween franchise just walks off with atmosphere. After the glum Euro freak-out of Halloween 5, The Curse of Michael Myers captures a brisk Autumn chill and a disconcerting, quiet evil that is unique for the series. The sparse soundtrack, the vintage holiday decorations, the back-to-basics stalking and slashing: it could almost be labeled as lazy if it wasn't so damn evocative. And, you know, the whole cult sacrifice plot-line: it's goofy but it's not in the least bit ironic or knowing, which is practically a miracle in 1995. One year before Scream, this spirited, chilly movie is a calm before the storm. The final close-up of a carved jack o lantern, leaves scattering past and lit by a candle glow, soon followed by a memorial for Donald Pleasence, is both haunting and comforting in equal measure. The end of an era in many ways. Make sure the Producer's Cut is on your watchlist when Halloween rolls around.