Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers ★★★★½

*Was a 78, now an 88*

"The original film is a claim to our slasher heritage, and a connection to the sinister subversions of holiday traditions, but it also can become tedious to watch it each and every year. Even as it’s one of my very favorite films, I find myself burnt out on its pleasures, letting it rest every once and awhile to hibernate before a new grand unveiling. In the meantime, however, I cling to the Halloween sequels, and as you’ve seen throughout this series, many have carved their own meaning into my heart. What I’ve found in terms of nostalgia may be different for us all, but I can say definitively that without any nostalgia for Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, it has nonetheless crept into my spooky soul for all eternity."

Wishing you all a very happy and scary Halloween! Get in a spooky mood and check out this CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS piece by yours truly!

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