Halloween ★★


Fuck, I wish I liked this more. The first forty minutes or so are full of nasty, grimy filth that nevertheless reveals truths about class and mental health, especially in how it relates to education. It's not necessarily well-written or given room to breathe, but it lays claim to its own territory. The image of a young Michael wearing the iconic 'Shape' mask is stupid but offers satisfaction when connected to the second-half, with all that trauma and violence uprooted. In comparison, the remake portion fails due to its adherence to Carpenter's text. Why would I want to watch a delicate retread of the '78 masterpiece if no credence is given to spatial elements or mapping out the environment, instead replaced by pummeling, outrageous brutality? At that point, let go of the homage and commit to the film being its own thing. Luckily, Rob Zombie's Halloween II exists.