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A cinema of gestures, large and small, elongated and fleeting, carried through the whispering winds of an epic. Just observe the way Neil moves over near Eady after introducing himself, or how Charlene signals Chris about the sting by swiping her hand against the sharp metallic railing. Watch as Hanna picks up his dying stepdaughter with the utmost fragility, innocence lost and drowned by blood. See Neil's gentle plea towards Eady as she runs away from LA's shimmering atmosphere, the modern smog and neon colliding amongst the cosmos, his plan lost without her presence, her eyes, her beauty. Stare - mouth agape - as a police squad and a gang of bank robbers wage war on the asphalt, wounded soldiers carried like brothers; honor, duty, respect on both sides. Witness a sprawling tale visualized through passing trains, deafening gunshots, romantic and broken embraces, clasped hands. Notice Mann's attention to design; cool frames providing spaces for all shapes and peoples, its haze engulfing crowds and machinery stoic within the untamed landscape. Behold its hushed conclusion; gods lost among the world in which they were raised, patterned cubes "grown" along weeds and fields, engines roaring to life. The dawn of a new era but the death of Man, shadows rising like ghouls in the night, toxic beams of light illuminating friendship and apocalypse.

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