Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★


"The cycle of Inside Llewyn Davis is rooted in failure. Set in Greenwich Village in 1961, with the bubbling folk scene rising up, the film is a personal odyssey that rarely considers larger context except when it pertains to Llewyn, our classic Coen Brothers protagonist. The sight of Bob Dylan near the end of the journey (or the beginning?), performing at the Gaslight Café as a mirage, is a fleeting glimpse of what could’ve been for our failed singer. While, yes, Inside Llewyn Davis is about missed opportunities, and the fear of being unmarketable, of having a denied talent, it fully encapsulates the melancholy of that angle in a broader sense. Everyone can relate to being lost, to being in a cyclical timeline where the same horrible things continue to happen, over and over, and the only good things are slight variations of worse versions earlier in life. The Coen Brothers have always explored this, either to hopeful or nihilist ends."

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