Interstellar ★★★★★

My third viewing of Interstellar was the most important viewing. For starters, I would be seeing it on an average movie-theater screen. No 70mm IMAX. No UltraScreen. That alone was troubling, but it was also the screening that I would be noticing things. I picked up on annoying flaws regarding exposition on the second viewing, but the third viewing would be the deciding factor on whether they were cringe-worthy enough to actually make the film falter.

It'll be really interesting what people think of the film when it's only able to be seen on Blu-ray and DVD. Even on a good and normal silver screen, the experience was lesser than the other two experiences I had. There really is no comparison, but I have a feeling that like Gravity, It's an event film that will annoy people who choose to view it at home for the first time. Of course, the experience isn't everything, and the film still crackles with energy and overflows with operatic feeling.

While the film is still an utter masterpiece and still one of my top 20 films of all time, it isn't my favorite film. It IS however, the greatest theatrical experience that I ever had, and basically everything that I said in my in-depth review still stands. It's a work of breathtaking beauty and wondrous emotion, but also messy and fascinatingly difficult to love.

I adore it, but I can see how many people don't. Hell, at this most recent screening, someone walked out after the black-hole pen and paper demonstration and never came back. Heh, his loss.

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