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This review may contain spoilers.


A few thoughts on this excellent limited series:

- Mike Flanagan is very attuned to the idea of Catholicism as ritual. Hymnals. Preparing communion. Altar boys. The particularity of the priest's clothing during Mass. The literal nature of the body and blood of Christ. As a lapsed Catholic, this show spoke to me as an examination of these traditions. So many of the songs utilized in the show were the same I heard growing up.

- He's also aware of the community's response to religion. Those who believe in something other than the Christian faith, and how they are disregarded and ostracized for what they believe. Rahul Kohli's portrayal of a Muslim sheriff fleeing from the systemic racism and corruption of the mainland police force only to encounter it in a micro Christian community is brilliant. Great performances all around, but Hamish Linklater as Father Paul perfectly fits the bill of a dashing modern priest who is swept away by his own delusions. A magnetic, captivating role.

- Ultimately, I loved Midnight Mass most as a mythological horror series that is about an ancient vampire assumed to be an angel. Catholicism weaponized. The flashback of an old, withered priest getting lost in a sandstorm and uncovering a skeletal underground tomb where a demon lays. A curse mistaken for a miracle. How it all ties together with the preconceived notions and distorted beliefs of this community is exceptional.

- Netflix needs to keep giving Mike Flanagan money for shit like this. I'll keep eating it up.

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