Mommy ★★★★½


Rarely do films make me feel this way. I treasure these cinematic experiences, films so full of life and beauty that they speak to the deepest depths of the soul. I feel like I'm soaring, flying through the fluffiest clouds of silver screen ecstasy. The performances, the direction, the rawness, the intimacy, the aspect ratio, the soundtrack; Mommy pummeled me with its feverish personality and its headstrong passion. Xavier Dolan should be immensely proud of what he's accomplished here, as it's a film of indescribable tenderness and blossoming rage.

Cinema has been chained to convention for far too long. The blockbusters and the Oscar-bait films of today have been weighing down artists who are desperately reaching for the stars to seek out the soul of film that is feeling more and more distant with each passing day. It's our job as audiences to set cinema free. Like the main protagonist of Mommy, it needs to be let loose. It may be unfocused and wild at first, but eventually, it'll find that soul of the film-world and release it to artists across the world.

Mommy has cut the chains of cinema. Xavier Dolan has unleashed a wicked strain of energy onto the world, and there's no stopping this virus. Rarely do films make me feel this way.

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