Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★½


Monster Hunter won't convert any skeptics to the B-movie pleasures of Paul W.S. Anderson, but it'll surely satisfy anyone on his wavelength. Anderson's typically stellar sense of expansive geography and corridor warfare sets this apart from its often cheap CGI, as does Doobie White's editing, exemplifying a constant spatial awareness in spite of the quick, rabid cutting. So much care is placed in the movements of the actors amidst the obstacle of the monsters. Above all, it's the lean pacing that keeps the energy up, but possibly at the cost of fleshing out its more complex ideas regarding imperialism. At its best, Monster Hunter plays like a tactical re-working of Fury Road. A banger synth score too! Don't know if I'd put this up with the best of Anderson's work (Resident Evil: Retibution, AVP, or Event Horizon), but it's great fun.

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