Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★


Sixteen Reasons why I love Mulholland Drive:

1. The Jitterbug.
2. "Okay, Irene! Won't that be the day?"
3. "Napkin."
4. Billy Ray Cyrus.
5. The Cowboy.
6. David Lynch and his distorted view of American symbols - Hollywood auditions, diners, nightclubs, limos, and darkened hills.
7. The usage of the blue box as an existential portal for various detours and repetitions.
8. That camera push-in towards Betty as 'Sixteen Reasons' reaches its peak. Might as well be my favorite moment in all of cinema.
9. The refusal to tell conventional themes and popular history via typical narrative functions.
10. Lynch framing and elaborating on doubles and parallel universes without fully exploring or ruining the mystery of the similarities/differences.
11. Its night-time photography is "half-night" - a portrait of an endless space with no discernible beginning or end, illumination only radiating from the focus of the scene.
12. It elaborates on the open secret that old people are terrifying.
13. Coffee.
14. Breakfast.
15. Cigarettes.
16. "Silencio."

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