Prey ★★★★


It's such a shame that Prey went straight to streaming, because it's a real fucking movie that deserves the theatrical experience. Watching it with the Comanche dub is such a thrill. This is far from the unsettling sensations of the original work and John McTiernan's classic flourish, but director Dan Trachtenberg is eager to show off with a grab-bag of modern visual ideas and sturdy action choreography, and it aligns perfectly with the survivalist sensibility of the first film. It's packed with atmospheric images of woodland landscapes, and the score and sound design both contribute to the immersion. Amber Midthunder as Naru carries the movie with an often wordless lead performance. Her expressions and swift actions define the pacing and rhythms of the film, all the way up to a killer third act showdown. So gnarly and brutal. It's great to see the Predator back in a major way.

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