RRR ★★★★½


Just a fair warning: I'm not the one to dive into the often muddled politics and intricacies of S.S. Rajamouli's latest film. There are plenty of better and smarter writers on here who have already done just that. As someone who is unfamiliar with a majority of Indian cinema, my perspective is a limited one, but from my ignorant view all the way in the back row, I really fucking dug this. An action spectacle with a central bromance that had me completely enthralled. So many fascinating developments in the structure - the set-pieces are indeed spectacular but what bubbles to the surface is how the main relationship unfolds over time. There's such a clarity to the storytelling. Every narrative pay-off reveals itself in surprising and fulfilling forms, especially as the emotional component seems to take shape around its scale of violence. In terms of its form, RRR is an exuberant, romantic piece of pop that often seems to struggle with the sentiment of its politics. But what a vision on display. It's a bonus of course that so many cartoonishly evil British colonizers are ripped to shreds in a variety of ways, from wild animals to spears to arrows and motorcycles. It's pretty great.

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