Safe ★★★★½


Right from the opening shot of a softly-lit neighborhood in the dead of night, viewed from the hood of a weirdly eerie car, Safe forced me to look closer and stare, no matter how strangely paralyzed and uncomfortable I would feel as a result. Directed by Todd Haynes, the film oozes an uneasy and restless mood of paranoia and genuine commentary, practically fighting off the glances and the sickness until there's no other choice but to be completely enraptured by the film's sunny horror.

Julianne Moore gives a knockout of a performance, but unlike her recent role in Still Alice, she is backed by a stellar directorial effort by Haynes. His focused and detached viewpoint of hopelessly emotional events give Safe a shocking sense of weight and significance that could've been lacking if crafted by lesser hands. A brilliant film from start to finish.

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