Slugs ★★★★★


"To watch and talk about 1988’s Slugs, directed by Juan Piquer Simón, is to be confronted by the epitome of splatter exploitation. With its delirious mix of 50s ‘when creatures attack’ B-pictures and the vicious gory energy of the 1980s, it’s a movie about mutated slugs that kill, and it’s as absurdly violent as it is, from scene to scene, completely baffling and hilarious. It’s perfect. I would give it all the stars and 10/10 IGN scores in this strange, infernal world if I could, because it uniquely feels not of this earth – an otherworldly trash delight. With lines like “You don't have the authority to declare Happy Birthday!” and “After I've dealt with these slugs, what do you say to we get naked and crazy?”, Slugs embodies a bizarre perversion of 50s monster flicks, and a narrative incoherence that somehow remains parallel to its baseline filmmaking craft. At once, it is both an awe-inspiring disaster and the greatest movie ever made, like watching a car wreck blossom into the most extravagant Michael Bay explosion."

My first Patreon piece of the new year is about my love of Slugs and my continuing journey of appreciating Trash, and sorting through what's been deemed as garbage. Hope you enjoy.