Spooky Buddies ★★½


Absolutely horrendous and yet I laughed like a hyena and am probably buying it on Blu-ray. It reminds me of something a 1st grade teacher would show on Halloween when there's a half-day. Everyone is all excited but then there's that one kid absent because the parents looked up the parental guide online and it mentions 'warlock' and 'demon' in the movie so the kid can't watch it and it's the first time you realize that some people don't celebrate Halloween and hate fun. Anyways, show it to the family in the afternoon sometime or watch it with your friends when you're trashed at the tail-end of your Spooky October 31st Party. The autumn-y samhain vibes for a movie about talking ghost dogs are solid by any metric. So many jack 'o' lanterns, cheap costumes, and fog-machine atmosphere! Only 79 more days until Halloween my friends!