Star Wars ★★★★★

Star Wars. It's called Star Wars. None of this "A New Hope" bullshit. Fuck off Lucas! Oh boy, this original trilogy gets me annoyed as all hell. Not the films mind you, they're fantastic, It's the goddamned changes. George, if you want your complete vision, that's fine, but give us the vision we grew up with. However, with Disney owning the massive property now, the chances of a restored, unaltered Original Trilogy Blu-ray is more likely. Kinda.

Until then, the Despecialized Edition is my holy grail, and I will cherish it until the end of time. Seriously, every Star Wars fan has to see these.

So, I'm reviewing this film as it was originally called, I'm reviewing this film as it was originally shown, and I'm reviewing this film as it was back when it blasted onto screens in 1977. Here we go.

What is the secret formula to Star Wars? Is it the simplicity? Is it the haunting score? Is it the lively and memorable world that was created? Is it the dedicated performances from everyone involved? Is it the groundbreaking (for its time) special-effects?

All of the above. Everything comes together in perfect synchronization in this magnificent space opera. It's a simple film, one crafted in broad strokes, but that's what makes it work so well. It doesn't delve into the characters, it doesn't go down dark paths, and it certainly doesn't over complicate itself; Star Wars is all about providing a witty, fun, beautiful, and grand journey that takes the audience on a ride to new worlds and new places.

It isn't perfect, but it was never meant to be. It's meant to be a wonderful adventure, one full of hope, danger, romance, and comedy. But above all, Star Wars was meant to be a catalyst for every boy/girl's endless imaginations. And for that, I thank you George. You're still a pompous douchebag though.

I'm sorry for not saying more. It just means so much to me that even writing can't describe my emotional connection. It'll be a saga that will be with me for the rest of my life.

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