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This review may contain spoilers.

The greatest thing to ever exist. Better than sliced bread. The Bee's knees. The gold standard. Flawless. Masterful. Iconic. Taxi Driver floors me every time I watch it. Every shot is perfection, every line of dialogue is simultaneously heartbreaking and illuminating, Travis Bickle is one of the finest characters ever written and De Niro embodies him brilliantly, every note of Bernard Herrmann's score makes my heart swell; all of it soothes the soul in a very personal and profound way.

A highlight, if I could ever possibly single out one moment out of countless others in Scorsese's masterpiece, is the long shot as Travis walks back to finish off Sport, all while the "manager" is bleeding profusely from his severed fingers. The blunt audacity and the vivid nightmarish visuals bring the cathartic shootout to a level of swift messiness and symbolic horror. The greatest film ever made.

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