Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★


A classic Cameron climax: an industrial environment swirling with the menace of smoke and the cascade of fire, an out-pour festered by a sea of clanging chains, cyborgs battling for the soul of a human child whose actions plunge the inevitability of our demise into molasses. Key line is something along the lines of "don't ask" in regards to the discovered CPU in the present-day; beyond this particular absentee-father, reconstructed familial unit story, submerged and iced over with cool-blue CGI craft and fucking irresponsible yet prodigious spectacle set-pieces, is a future still set in stone, hope found in close proximity and not within humanity's collective failures. Loving the important figures around you is the first step in a larger communal goal. It's a subtext found in a science-fiction/special-effect extravaganza that also involves Schwarzenegger shooting a shotgun while riding a motorcycle, a nuclear holocaust dream sequence, a mini-gun mowdown, a twisted metal helicopter crash, and astute dissection of the relentlessness of policing. This is a big, big movie, but it's wired and ready to go, paced to perfection and concocted in a Mythic LA battleground between flame and frost. To appreciate Cameron, one only has to open their mouths and gape. His images need wide eyes.

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