The Bourne Supremacy ★★★★


While The Bourne Identity showcased amnesia as a quiet, escalating threat, The Bourne Supremacy is jagged in its abstractions and its bursts of frazzled, instinctive action set-pieces. A traditional, gradual spy concept morphed into a paranoiac frenzy over the course of two installments, replacing mournful "man on the run" beats with an array of textured glimpses and horrors. Paul Greengrass evokes memory as literal absence; a fleeting, "blink and you'll miss it" visual précis of situations structured from ground level tasks to the sniveling corruption at the top floor. Only issue is - at least until Ultimatum - that these films aren't *about* anything, instead impulsively relying on movement, or the lack thereof, and the color within those spaces. But if anything is clear, it's that The Bourne Supremacy has one of the great modern "mic drop" endings, some of the hastiest action in the series, and utterly venomous dialogue, seemingly written with the urgency of a knife at the throat. This is the blueprint.

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