The Descent

The Descent ★★★★½


What The Descent offers in its first 45-ish minutes is enclosed, uncompromising horror defined by normalized fears: being trapped, falling from great heights, suffocation, and the permanence of grief. No one can say they are immune to such anxieties, as they depict a mortal-being pushed towards the thought-process/experience of death. It is unavoidable, constant, a push of air out of the lungs. In miniature, The Descent is a great natural Thriller, propelled by a distinctive, exhilarating cast of women fighting against an ancient environment, and that's *before* the wildest, gnarliest gear-shift in expectation, unleashing an active physical force in parallel to the immovable, apathetic concept of the Earth. Oh, and three of the cinema's greatest jump-scares, too.

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