The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ★★★★★

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is easily the most disturbing and disgusting film ever made. Most film fans are aware of the numerous bans that were placed on the film, by churches and governments alike. However, in my opinion, those bans were completely unnecessary.

Let's face it. If you haven't seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you haven't REALLY seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All those horror stories of people being cut to pieces and shoved into meat lockers were just the memories of young children ruined by this movie. This movie is scary, really scary; terrifying even. Yet, not in the usual form.

The greatness of TCM lies in the grimy, sweaty, claustrophobic, and depressive atmosphere that Tobe Hooper created. The film starts out slow, luring the audience in with multiple characters that are interesting enough to care about. Then, a metal door opens.

And it all goes to hell.

The build-up to that moment is so fantastic and deliberate, that the silence after that moment never fails to send chills down my spine. Not those fake chills that are usually used to describe powerful moments in cinema by reviewers: no, I'm talking real chills.

After that, the film becomes a descent into the madness of backwoods America, fully realized with dedicated performances and Tobe Hooper's decision to keep the camera focused. Not on the blood and gore. But on the characters. That brings out the horror, and it works every time.

This review has already been too long, but for one of my favorite films, it doesn't really matter. Personally, the film is just perfect, with the direction, atmosphere, direction, sound design, and performances all running at full force like Leatherface with his chainsaw.

Very few films can be labeled an "experience", but one can argue that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre deserves to be listed in that group.