This Is the End

This Is the End ★★★★½

Riotously funny, rambunctiously playful, and jam-packed with perverse and breathtaking flourishes; This Is the End is a vibrant and gleefully inspired trip through different realms of ego, faith, the apocalypse, weed, fate, dick jokes, and friendship. It's fucking bonkers in just about every aspect, and that's probably why I fell in love so thoroughly when I saw it last year. Now, even on my third viewing, It still makes me smile and laugh at every absurd moment.

This Is the End is the story of Jay Baruchel (played by Jay Baruchel) and Seth Rogen. They've been best buddies for years, and Jay has come to LA to visit with Rogen. After an afternoon playing video games, eating junk food, and of course, enjoying some marijuana; Seth wants Jay to go to James Franco's house-warming party with him. Feeling out of his element, Jay decides to go anyway, and the result is a breathtaking slice of comedy that only these guys could churn out.

Every actor in this is perfect. With the meta angle of the entire film, quirks and personalities of the actual actors are made fun of and twisted at just about every turn. The result is a film that is playful in every way. From the crazy set-pieces to the random conversations and the continuous subversive twists; the film never stops surprising and never stops going. It's relentlessly paced, and It's a comedy that feels like it earns every joke it lets loose. This isn't for people who love safe comedies, and I love it for that.

This film is ambitious. Like REALLY ambitious. This could have completely failed on every level, but it does the exact opposite. It's a film that takes risks, and it goes places that no Will Ferrell comedy would ever dream of going, and that's why, beyond all the profanity, It's so charmingly sweet. By the end, you've realized that these are characters that you care about. You've gone through a crazy situation with these guys, and as a result, the connection to the film as a whole is remarkably potent.

Overall, This Is the End is a utterly stupendious comedy, one that was easily the finest to be released in 2013, and possibly, one of the finest ever made. It's up in my list, and If you're willing to go along with the ride, It might be in yours as well.

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