Titane ★★★★½


Festival hype had me prepared for a shocker, but even when Titane revels in provocation and ultraviolence, rolling and dancing and fucking in motor oil, what lingers is its capacity for kindness and restraint. Within the context of a grisly midnight movie premise, Julia Ducournau allows for a sweetness to initially find its way in on the fringes of the frame before consuming the film entirely. As an examination of bodily frustration, metal and flesh, sex and bloodshed, it's often stunning, with rich sound design and pulsating, energizing images that dare the viewer to cover their eyes, but it quickly blossoms into something beautiful: a incisive study of gender fluidity. What if we find acceptance by being someone else? What if that's who we really are? In terms of Great performances in 2021, you might as well stop looking with Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon. Their dynamic is spectacular.

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