To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief ★★★★★


Ravenous filmmaking in the guise of a hangout travelogue. Cary Grant juggles police presence and the flirtations of Grace Kelly like a beach bum after an expensive lunch-date - meaning there's not a narrative drive to be found. Instead, Hitchcock distills his chief interests into mini sequences and gentle brushstrokes. The opening, dissolving between shots of a black cat illuminated by the vibrant, nocturnal green of the night and precious jewels being stolen by an unknown presence, highlights Hitchcock's elegance in manufacturing so much out of so little. To Catch a Thief plays out like a mildly-suspenseful vacation, shimmering via Robert Burks' photography (which is some of the greatest in any movie) and the instances in which Hitch's form is manipulated and shifted to suit the dreamy exclamation points of the story. Just let it play and fall into its spell.

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