Vice ★★★½


Countless problems: from the obvious symbols and allegorical textures to the lack of focus on its satirical elements, Vice doesn't do a whole lot right, but it jumbles it all around in a stew that is enticing enough to recommend. Adam McKay, even if the small components aren't up to par, just can't make a completely unengaging movie. His 'throw it at the wall and see what sticks' method works here, although not as well as it should've. Highlights include a moment where the film "ends" right in the middle of its run-time, and a playful usage of narration, in addition to a stellar ensemble cast. Amy Adams once again just standing around and being brilliant. I Just wish it was funnier, and that he wasn't above using Will Ferrell for every role. This is scary, mortifying shit, Adam, we know, but that doesn't mean the material excuses itself from outright parody.