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  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

    It's Such a Beautiful Day


    It's Such a Beautiful Day is what film should be. It's a piece of work that stirs our hearts, our souls and changes our view of the world. It's a film that is deeply personal and abstract, but it can also be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys a wonderful story. Simply put, It's a masterwork of emotion, a film that I can see being on display in museums, like a painting or a statue.

    The Awesome: Bill. Easily one of…

  • Non-Stop



    Non-Stop is fun, silly, over the top and implausible, but at the end of the day, it's the perfect time waster.

    The Awesome: Liam Neeson always goes the extra mile with his roles, crafting characters that are interesting and believable. He's really great in this. Not quite Taken or Schindler's List great, but he's a lot of fun. The mystery and suspense is really tense in the first 2/3rds of the film, making a whodunit on a plane satisfying to…

  • Godzilla



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Gojira is the greatest monster movie ever made. Sorry King Kong, sorry Gamera, Sorry Cloverfield. Godzilla is the man, and this original masterpiece holds up miraculously well. It has biting social commentary, dark and disturbing visuals, great acting and a poignant story. It's almost underrated, because many label it just as a monster film. It's not just the greatest monster movie ever, it's an essential classic of Japanese cinema.

    The Awesome: One word, GODZILLA! He is mean, nasty and frightening…

  • Rejected



    This is one of the greatest shorts that I have ever seen, probably THE best. I am a huge fan of Don Hertzfeldt, and this is easily his greatest short film. Adding surrealism, dark humor, social commentary and existentialism into the mix, Rejected is the perfect representation of a shattered psyche.

    The Awesome: Every minute of this masterpiece. The gut-busting humor, which made me laugh harder than any film that I have ever seen. The jaw-dropping ending, that brings the…

  • Clue



    Clue is one of the greatest cult films of the 1980s. I'm not kidding. It's extremely funny and quotable, the characters are great and memorable, the atmosphere is perfect and slightly creepy. It's one of the great cult classics, and while it does have some missteps, Clue is some of the most fun you can have on a rainy night.

    The Awesome: The classic lines and characters. I would put this screenplay in a short list of achieving exactly what…

  • The Goonies

    The Goonies


    There are many films from my childhood that hold up, and then there are films that should be left in your childhood, to cherish those memories and emotions when you were younger. Luckily, The Goonies still holds up today, bringing fantastic adventure and characters to life in one heckva ride.

    The Awesome: The journey that this gang takes is so much fun, filled with heart and humor that resonates to this day. The adventure is organic, exciting, suspenseful and even…

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    This is it. Ladies and gentleman; this film, above ALL others, means the most to me. I remember seeing it for the first time, on a VHS copy of all places, and having my inner being physically and emotionally shaken. It changed my life, and that isn't a hyperbolic statement; I wouldn't be the same if there was no Jurassic Park. I was already HUGE into dinosaurs at that age, so when I saw the film, all I cared about…

  • Miami Connection

    Miami Connection


    Yes! Yes! Yes! As a HUGE fan of cult films, unusual pieces of cinema, and lost movies found and revitalized; I had to see this one. I proceeded to press play on Netflix Instant, and have my jaw agape for the next 90 minutes. Miami Connection is an absolute miracle. It really is. It brings cheesy 1980s goodness, over the top blood and gore, ninjas on motorcycles, terrible synth pop, and above all; friendship.

    The Awesome: Every single thing. Everything.…

  • The Master

    The Master


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Master is incredible. When I first saw it, the ending brought be to tears; yet, I didn't even know what the film was about. The Master could be a stream of images and sounds, designed to evoke reactions from the viewer. The Master could be about how a wounded animal learns to accept who he is. The Master could be a love story of two individuals that are drawn to one another. The master could be about a stray…

  • Hard Eight

    Hard Eight


    This is the start. The start of one of the greatest track-records of any filmmaker. The absolute visionary and master who is Paul Thomas Anderson. Many cite Hard Eight (Sydney) as PTA's weakest film, and I have to disagree. Hard Eight may be more low key, less flashy and solemn in tone; but the layers of dread, mystery and danger make this one of Paul Thomas Anderson's finest achievements.

    The Awesome: Phillip Baker Hall. This is his movie. Sure, he…

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    Wow. This is the definitive mind-blowing masterpiece. My mind is still reeling, going in so many different directions. Even if I don't understand it quite yet, there is no doubt that Donnie Darko is not just a great cult film, but an incredible film in general.

    The Awesome: Jake Gyllenhaal can act. Plain and simple, this guy knows what he's doing. On top of his acting, the script is outstanding. Luring the audience into a state of dread and mystery,…

  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    There Will Be Blood is marvelous, simply marvelous. It's awe-inspiring, blood-chilling, scary, beautiful, tense and alive. Hyperbole will be used excessively in this review, but for good reason. There is simply nothing like There Will Be Blood.

    The Awesome: Everything. Every frame. Every scene and sequence. If There Will Be Blood was a meal; it would be a scrumptious steak, just waiting to be savored. Daniel Day Lewis is the master, bringing one of the top five greatest performances ever…