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This review may contain spoilers.

Having only seen one episode of 21 Jump Street, the show that jumpstarted Johnny Depp's career, and I complete approve of these reboot. I should'nt even call it a reboot because instead of copying and pasting stuff from the show onto here, the film goes for doing it's own thing. It knows what it is, it knows what it's based on, it knows what people thought when it was announced this was happening, goes to prove them wrong.

This film is funny as fuck! Jonah Hill (making his skinny debut) gives a good performance with tons of laughs. Channing Tatum is fucking hilarious. His acting ability has just gotten better and better with each film. I've been saying it since The Dilemma came out, but Tatum has great comedic timing and it seems like a lot of his lines were improvised. This may seem like a stretch, but if Tatum keeps up the comedic routine and does some more comedies, I think hed be remembered as an excellent comedic actor in the future. Great supporting turns. Ice Cube steals the show and has the most memorable lines. Dave Franco has years to go before his acting ability is as good as his brother James, but he has great charisma and is almost just as charming as his older brother. Brie Larson is just too adorable and pretty as hell. Ellie Kemper is in a really small role, but uses the most of it and ends up bein funny as hell. You also get an awesome cameo from none other than Johnny Depp. I don't know what it is, but Depp nearly steals the show in less than 5 minutes. You kinda expect him to pop up, but it's a hilarious cameo I did'nt see coming in the way that it did.

The script is really well done. The script, instead of completely emulating the show it's based on, it both pays tribute to it and parodies it for a modern audience. For example, basically all of the characters are stereotypes but it works a lot. Tatum is the superhot (no homo) dumbass; Hill is the average looking smart guy; Ice Cube is the angry black police chief....it just all somehow works and makes it funny as hell. All of the jokes and self aware humor worked for me and had me laughing so hard that I think I have a six pack now. There's plenty of gut busting humor as well as some nice action, including a pretty cool car chase scene.

I did'nt imagine enjoying this as much as I do nor that it would be as funny. Great performances. Hilarious moments. A fun time.

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