Aliens ★★★★★

This has been considered as one of the greatest sequels ever made, and with good reason. Sigourney Weaver gives a terrific performance. The cast is amazing. This film finds a perfect blend between science fiction, drama, horror, and action. The film manages to do something that is a rarity in horror films...have likable characters. The characters in this film are so great and likable, you care about them and don't want them to die. That can't be said for many horror films, especially with people who go into a horror film looking for the best kill and anticipating stupid characters to die. The special effects look amazing and are a huge step up from the last film. Has great suspenseful atmosphere and a slow build that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Aliens without a doubt, is a bigger, stronger, scarier, and better installment than the previous film. It has stiff competition (Godfather II, Toy Story 2, Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2, etc) but this is easily one of the best sequels ever made. Everything that a sequel should be.

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