Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Holy shit...this film was made by the same guy who wrote in the scene in that one flick where he got Chloe Sevigny to suck his dick?
Now I REALLY wanna make movies!

Ok, first things fucking last....the shots. This film already surprised the hell out of me because of how good it was, but the camera shots...fucking amazing man. I know I sound like a cinema snob talking about shots, but you haven't seen this shots cause....holy shit. POV shots, freeze frames....fucking beautiful. On to shit you actually care about...the story. Big surprise. Not only did I somehow like Vincent Gallo, but I sympathised with his character. Christina Ricci was a great character too. That tap dancing scene...is it weird I think that it was kinda hot? Something about tap dancing man. Anyway, both were excellent in their roles and had amazing chemistry that actually had me rooting for their relationship. Loved every minute of them together. Ben Gazzara and Anjelica Huston were great too playing very...'interesting' parents, I'll give you that. Funny, touching, emotional, compelling, mesmerizing...

I loved it.
Who knew I'd go from hating Vincent Gallo to being perplexed by the guy?

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