Django Unchained

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On this rewatch, a few things came to mind...

In my earlier review, I defended Tarantino's use of "that word" because it made it feel authentic and Southerners said it a lot back then. Now, I realize he used it so often I wonder if he was aware there are other words in the dictionary. It doesn't hurt the film too much for me, but it's ridiculous how often he uses it.

On my first watch, there were so many excellent performances it was hard to find a standout. Now after hearing his skull monologue again (one of the best monologues I've ever heard) and seeing again how easily he goes from calm and collected to fucking terrifying, I think Leo DiCaprio wasthe best actor in this.

Knowing now that Leo's hand was
ACTUALLY bleeding when he smeered it in Kerry Washington's face makes the scene even more disturbing.

Best shootout ever.

I still don't know which film had the better soundtrack..Pulp Fiction or this.

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