Room ★★★★★

It's weird how much this movie makes me appreciate life a little more.

I don't mean in the sense that life could be worse for me if I was held captive in a room with my mom my entire life and I should appreciate how my life is because of that. I mean that seeing this little 5 year old kid discover the world for the very first time--from the smallest, simplest of things to the grander scope of it all--and being amazed by it all. More than amazed. He's blown away.

He reacts to walls with windows like their the greatest things ever. The idea that there are things and faces and creatures and life beyond those walls terrifies him and then fascinates him. To roughly quote a bit of his narration of when he's first introduced to the world, "...things are always never stops". That's the line that really got me. It got me thinking and it made me realize that I might be taking everything in my life for granted.

Maybe I'm taking doors I open every day for granted. Maybe I need to give a second thought to the drops of rain that hit the top of my head. Maybe I should appreciate each stranger I encounter on a daily basis; if only for a moment. Maybe I don't appreciate my Chair #1 as much as my Chair #2. Maybe I don't appreciate my Chair #2 at all. Maybe I should actually look at my surroundings, take a big gander at the world, and realize this is all pretty amazing, even if I'm too familiar with the world to be awed by it anymore.

I don't know. I sound dumb and schmaltzy and overly sentimental. It's just that this movie--or at least this idea behind the movie--hit me more than it should've. It just makes me want to take a stroll around the block, think about my life thus far, and rethink my life going forward. Not because it might not be here tomorrow, but because it's here today.

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