The Dark Knight Rises ★★★★★

Nolan managed not to fuck it up....
This is awesome!

Now, my mind is still a little worn out from being blown away to give a full, plausible review so this is what I have to say for now...

The acting...amazing, especially from Michael Caine who I think stole the show.

The action.... exciting, and thrilling.

The score...epic.

The story...does a great job balancing human drama with solid action. Full of emotion at every turn.

Bane...A fucking beast.

Is it better than The Dark Knight? It's kinda unfair to compare the two but while I prefer the last film (mostly because of how close to heart it is for me) there is no denying that this film is fantastic and just as incredible in it's own way. It's a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful trilogy that gave me exactly what I wanted as well as more than that.

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