Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★½

I'm kinda surprised it took me so long to see this after finishing the series almost a year ago. I guess I kinda lost interest after seeing how weak the last half of Season 2 was. Luckily, Twin Peaks is such an unforgettable show that I knew what I needed to know going into it. Does that matter? No, because whether or not you've seen the show, you'll be asking yourself what the fuck you just watched for the wrong reasons.

I saw this recently because of Mark Kermode's film club where he went on to say this is a misunderstood masterpiece. I have to completely disagree. It's a mess of a film that would rather go for the same surreal style of Twin Peaks minus quality writing. What made Twin Peaks such a great show (until the last half of season 2) was that it was surreal, but also interesting, captivating, well acted, well directed, well written, likable characters...just plain superb. This is the exact opposite. It was hard just getting through the first 20 minutes.

The idea of a prequel to Twin Peaks alone is unnecessary. It doesn't achieve anything new that wasn't explained in better detail in the first season and a half so why bother? The dialogue is horrendous. Some of the worst unbelievable dialogue I've ever heard in my life. The infamous "Gobble gobble" scene is the most cringe-inducing dialogue I've heard since Batman & Robin. Hell, this film makes the dialogue in Batman & Robin sound like fucking Pulp Fiction. The direction is sloppy as hell and the visual is distracting the viewer from trying to comprehend the actual story. Sometimes the visuals look great, but detach from the story. The acting is horrible, especially from Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer and it's not her fault. It's the wooden, unlikable character she has to play. Seeing Laura Palmer up to her death, she comes off as more unlikable and more of a horrible person than what was implied in the show. It was cool seeing Kyle MacLachlin as Agent Cooper again, but it's a brief role. Granted Kiefer Sutherland and Chris Isaak give good performances. I also liked the soundtrack. Plus, there's Bob, so I guess that's something goin for it.

It's really hard to praise this and I didn't want to hate it. It's just so unbearably painful to watch. I might try to give this a second watch, but it's just so unbearable it was hard to finish. Some good performances and a good soundtrack, but this is just a mess. It's hard to even review this it's such a mess. I seriously don't know what to say.

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