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  • The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

    The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl


    Masaaki Yuasa very seldom makes a misstep, and 夜は短し歩けよ乙女 (The Night is Short, Walk On Girl) is not one of them.
    He continues to expand on the inventive style he explored in The Tatami Galaxy, but this time with only 90 minutes to do it in - however the manic pace that Yuasa's works are usually characterised by settles in nicely considering the 'single-night' narrative layout (something I hadn't actually realised when reading the book) here as well. Although there…

  • Silence



    The scene where a Japanese Christian mentions with fervour the term "paraiso", only to have Rodriguez - who ought to recognise the word as it comes from his mother language - correct them by saying something to the effect of "Ohhh, you mean like, 'paradise'?", seemed really unnecessary and broke almost the entire illusion (if there ever was one) that Garfield was playing a Portuguese man.

    Aside from that the sound design was really good. Heaps of cicadas though - was it summer the entire time?

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  • Twenty-Four Eyes

    Twenty-Four Eyes


    It's thirty minutes too long, over-melodramatic and way too sentimental, but I'll be damned if I can think of the last time a movie made me weep like this one did. Keeping in mind that Japan has a long history of people proclaiming how a full moon brought them to tears - one only has to skim through the country's vast body of ancient literature to get an idea - it's understandable that the Japanese people have an affinity with…

  • Nightcrawler



    "What if my problem wasn't that I don't understand people, but that I don't like them?"

    Some very manipulative scoring in this, which is either very clever or very inappropriate (or both), as it plays a big part in helping us support Lou Bloom's successes, and even his anti-humanitarian viewpoint - at least for the first two thirds.
    Gyllenhaal is utterly transfixing, and carries the movie almost singlehandedly. The film's message is so obvious and prone to exaggeration that it…