Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★

When I first saw this in the cinema, I was very disappointed. Whilst I loved the visual and aural inventiveness on display, I found the whole thing incredibly empty, devoid of heart. I couldn't understand what everyone was raving about.

But I was wrong.

The visuals and sound still wow (especially on blu-ray, where everything POPS,) but the thing that became apparent to me on each subsequent rewatch is that if there's one thing the film is full of, it's heart.

The passion that everyone puts into this explodes off the screen. From the cast are clearly having the time of their lives, to the crew, who put every cent of the budget into what you're seeing.

Basically, this film is awesome.

(Also, the best Ex is Roxy Richter, and that's a fact)