I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ½

While it was filmed very well and the gore that they included was good enough, it still wasn't that impressive as a torture movie. Framing the torture as a reoccurring set piece and then pulling back before they really got into it was disappointing.
The characters also lacked the depth that really made them appeal to the viewer. The numerous women in the movie who are slaughtered are basically shown as being polite and naive before they get killed in explicit and degrading ways.
And that was the thing that got to me. All of these women were all just mowed through in order to keep the plot going.
This should have been a better movie, there's talent here but it just got distracted and for a movie that is trying to push buttons it seems ultimately tame.

EDIT: Changed the rating after thinking about this for a while. Giving your fiance's killer an all-expenses paid trip to go on a roadtrip abusing and torturing women doesn't fucking make sense. No matter how well you shoot it.

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