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  • The Accidental Spy

    The Accidental Spy


    The movie overall isn't very good, but man the finale and the fight in the bathhouse/market are incredible.

    HK CUT

  • Blade of Fury

    Blade of Fury


    The plot is hard to decipher as it's told here, but the action is excellent and always exciting. Despite its wuxia varnish, the tale it tells is actually a true story of Qing Dynasty China and a very instrumental, failed reformation called the Hundred Days' Reform.

    The same storyline was adapted to film earlier as the Shaw Brothers film Iron Bodyguard, starring Chen Kuan-Tai and Yueh Hua.

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    Basically the greatest movie ever made. Move over Citizen Kane.

  • Evilspeak



    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    E is for Evilspeak

    Evilspeak dares to ask the big questions we'd all like the answers to. Y'know, stuff like "How do you confront a bully?" "Is there a good excuse for being late to class?" and "What are the keys to the kingdom of Satan's magic?"

    This movie is super fun, a totally '80s romp about Satan, soccer, and a computer ready and willing to help our hero perform a black mass. How can I…