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  • Escaflowne: The Movie

    Escaflowne: The Movie


    I just watched the series. This movie is nothing like the series. I didn't really like the series, though. But I didn't like this either, for different reasons. Hmmm.

  • Ashes of Time

    Ashes of Time


    Redux Version this time. Much prefer the original. The saturated colors in the new version really bothered me. I got the same feeling as when I happen to see colorized old movies. Adding the season change inter-titles also felt unnecessary. Whatever, I have my old DVD of the original that I will re-watch from now until eternity. :)

  • Kung Fu Cult Master

    Kung Fu Cult Master


    One of the greatest tragedies in Hong Kong cinema is that the sequels to this incredible, energetic wuxia were never made.

  • Black Candles

    Black Candles


    I was led to believe Black Candles was a sleazy Satanic movie with goat fucking, and it is a sleazy Satanic movie with goat fucking, but it's a well-made sleazy Satanic movie with goat fucking. Hail Satan!

  • The Dark Tower

    The Dark Tower


    As a massive fan of the books, I really enjoyed this. Idris is perfect as Roland, exactly as I imagined he would be when he was cast. The same goes for McConaughey.

    I feel like newcomers wouldn't take to it quite so well. It's super dense with little details of the world constantly coming at you (unlike the slow unfurl of the world and its nature in the books). I don't know how else you'd do it without strictly adhering…

  • Black Panther Warriors

    Black Panther Warriors


    This movie is nuts. I loved it. Wuxia in a modern-day setting with guns and explosions and all kinds of comedic insanity.

  • Ashes of Time

    Ashes of Time


    Giving Ashes of Time 5/5 suggests that I think it's perfect. But what is perfection when it comes to art? Ashes of Time is perfectly itself, a perfect representation of what it set out to do. It is engaging. It is inspiring. It is challenging. It is brilliant. It is a wuxia untethered to the visual history of the genre, so the wonder and the mystery generally packed into the action and the plot instead permeate every aspect of the…

  • Super Inframan

    Super Inframan


    There are many different types of great movies, and to call The Super Inframan anything less than great is selling it short. It may lack the depth of more traditionally great movies, but it makes up for this with some of the most fun and relentless entertainment I've ever laid my eyes on. Simply put, The Super Inframan is pure fun from start to finish. This is entertainment of the highest order, and to look at it critically, picking apart…

  • Winners & Sinners

    Winners & Sinners


    So fun, upbeat and relentlessly entertaining. I love this movie.

  • Disciples of Shaolin

    Disciples of Shaolin


    Disciples of Shaolin is a fantastic piece of work from Chang Cheh, boasting a wonderfully rich script and one of Fu Sheng's best and most affecting performances. An excellent and subtly brilliant addition to the Shaolin Cycle, Disciples of Shaolin is a must-see Shaw Brothers film.

  • Lady of the Law

    Lady of the Law


    Lady of the Law is an older style of film than its 1975 contemporaries (as it was held back from release for a few years), but it's an action-packed and immensely entertaining film. Definitely recommended to Shaw fans. Its wuxia twists and turns made me say "Those bastards!" many, many times, so hopefully you have as much fun with it as I did.

  • The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks

    The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks


    The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks is a very entertaining DeCoteau film. Not a direct sequel to The Brotherhood, it just takes the framework and relates a similar story. It's not as good as the first film, but I also feel like this one probably has its fans that like it better. Watch it for yourself and decide!