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  • Night of the Comet

    Night of the Comet


    The first half is amazing - a fun, colorful, humorous, and clever adventure - and I loved that isolated post-apocalyptic L.A. feel where the characters are just messing around and having fun as if it were their last day on Earth. Catherine Mary Stewart is also reallyyy beautiful and that dreamy neon radio station = AMAZING. Unfortunately, the film can't sustain this energy during the second half once the scientists are introduced. Every scene with them is just so damn…

  • The Limit of Sleeping Beauty

    The Limit of Sleeping Beauty


    Wow, this flew by like a dream!! Not always the easiest film to follow, but it's definitely ALWAYS creative, infectiously energetic, and absolutely gorgeous. That amazing pop soundtrack & neon aesthetics combine in the most stunning way, often reminding me of Real (2017) and Helter Skelter (same cinematographer!). That shotgun scene is one of my favs in recent memory.

    Such a shame that so few people have seen this at all because I love this movie and can't wait to see what else this director will make in the future. THANKS to The Clyde for telling me about this.

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  • Black Rain

    Black Rain


    Black Rain deserves more love. The neon-lit visuals are so surreal and beautiful to look at- almost way too good for a film like this, actually. It looks like Blade Runner's little brother, even if Black Rain is nowhere near as sophisticated. Japan looks breathtaking here, although the culture seems to almost be as fetishized as it was in movies like The Wolverine. The plot is nothing too special despite some interesting turns here and there, and there is one…

  • Redline




    For what I expected to be a simple movie about futuristic racing, it's... well, a lot more than that, especially once they start introducing intergalactic wars and monsters and shit. It gets a little too crazy/random at times for my liking but the pure energy of this movie is just super refreshing, crystal clear, and fun to watch. I loved the main character JP and his relationship with Sonoshee, and those weird little alien creatures too (gr8 English dub…