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  • Dope



    I was really excited to see this ever since I saw the first trailer a couple years ago but I never really got the chance to see it until now. The first forty minutes or so of this film were exactly what I expected - terrific, energetic fun with a perfect introduction to our characters and the situation that they find themselves in, as well as a couple cool cameos and a lot of pop culture references (that will date…

  • Safe



    Once I got past the racist stereotypes such as the fact that the Asian girl is a mathematic genius that can memorize a page of code in a split second, as well as the hilariously ridiculous plot, this movie was actually a TON of fun. This is a tight, 90-minute movie that delivered exactly what I wanted, with some seriously solid shootouts/fight scenes (despite the occasional shaky cam), and an always cool Jason Statham. The nightclub/casino shootout was definitely my…

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  • To Live and Die in L.A.

    To Live and Die in L.A.


    To Live and Die in L.A. (which is by the way an amazing title) definitely satisfied my craving for some nice '80s adrenaline. After a terrible and ridiculous opening scene that had nothing to do with the rest of the film, the movie starts to pick up and becomes pretty tense and exciting, almost feeling like an '80s version of The French Connection at times. The soundtrack is killer, L.A. looks as stylized as ever with its crime-ridden streets and…

  • Black Rain

    Black Rain


    Black Rain deserves more love. The neon-lit visuals are so surreal and beautiful to look at- almost way too good for a film like this, actually. It looks like Blade Runner's little brother, even if Black Rain is nowhere near as sophisticated. Japan looks breathtaking here, although the culture seems to almost be as fetishized as it was in movies like The Wolverine. The plot is nothing too special despite some interesting turns here and there, and there is one…