Doctor Strange ★★½

It's a compliment to Christopher Nolan's innovative use of dream logic CGI in Inception, a movie that's almost five years old, that the influence on the visuals here is impressive and still fairly hip. That the visuals serve a sprightly but standard superhero origin story is less interesting. And to say it's yet another example of Marvel outpacing DC in these kind of films is to damn it with faint praise. Suffice to say that it's a mildly fun rendering of Steve Ditko's far more funky and weird comic and that fanboys will lap it up.

As an alternative, though, may I recommend Noah Hawley's Legion, the second episode of which aired a couple days ago. It has something to do with X-Men, but I haven't got a clue about that — and I'm not interested. Rather, the comic book elements act as a backdrop to an intriguing, brilliantly contemplative and suspenseful psychological thriller. The first episode was great, and the second continues the high standard. It also proves the rule that the only decent superhero stories being told at the moment are on television.

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