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  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Cléo from 5 to 7
  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • C.R.A.Z.Y.

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  • Tigertail


  • The House


  • Drive My Car


  • Red Dragon


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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Thought I was going to watch a modern version of Robert Benton’s Kramer vs. Kramer (1979). I was wrong, this film is way more deeper. 

    I love that the idea of Los Angeles as a huge land of free space is absolutely destroyed in this film, these characters are completely stuck in a claustrophobic problematic (a divorce) where none of them can breath. The lawyers, the paperworks, the money, the workplace, everything is an issue. An absolute roller coaster of emotions for this couple.

    It was such an amazing film and i’m very excited to see more of this director in the future.

  • Knives and Skin

    Knives and Skin



    It felt like a really bad episode of Riverdale with every single character being complete uninteresting assholes with absolutely no charm at all.  I blame the script, the director AND the actors who were weirdly chosen, since they clearly can’t act! I’ve seen some better acting in my High School short film projects back in the day! In wich I call them my little embarrassments.

    This movie tries too hard. It gets lost with different subjects and storylines that makes the movie flat and annoying.


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  • When Love Digs a Hole

    When Love Digs a Hole


    France Castel (practically) saved a film that started so rough and unauthentic and made it natural, charming and inspiring.

  • Morbius



    You know what? I feel bad for Jared Leto. I don't think he's a bad actor he proved it in Dallas Buyers Club, he even one an Academy Award for his role.

    So the film starts and it's a Michael Bay movie. Guns, weirdly written drama... generic female character. As it moves along it becomes clear that the problem with this film is the direction and the cliché filled script.

    Every actor seems so confused they play their part as…

Popular reviews

  • Away



    The movie itself is absolutely gorgeous, hard to believe only one guy worked on this film. Of course it’s not as polished as big animated films studios like Pixar or Dreamworks, but it has heart and charm. 

    My first latvian film ever, I wonder if Latvia has a big movie history... 


    I really enjoyed, kinda repetitive at times but really good. It made a lot of kids cry and get out of the theater wich made me very happy.

    Seen at the Montréal Fantasia Festival.

  • The Legend of Baron To'a

    The Legend of Baron To'a


    It honestly felt like a teenage boy wrote this script. I was underwhelmed