Goddess of the Fireflies ★★½

You wanna know what makes the critics and the movie graduates hard in a french canadian movie?

-Swearing (all the time)
-Breaking shit
-Laughing for no reason
-A (some kind) of artsy scene
-Music from the 90’s
-A crying mother

If you have done that, congrats you are a french canadian artist. 

This movie lacks originality, from it’s story to it’s visuals to it’s actor choice. I have seen Antoine Desrochers a probability of 10 times this year, or in a movie or on tv. Meanwhile we can’t get a latina actress to play a latina character on the Québec adaptation of Brooklyn 99!

A woman in the theater was crying behind me, I was like why!? No one is even charming enough to be cried about! To be honest, I wanted all of them to suffer from an overdose (call me heartless I don’t care) those characters didn’t deserve a hint of attention. 

I know I’m rough with the movie but that’s because I care so much about my culture, my cinema! So when I see bullshit like this, it makes me very mad.

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